Rapid Detox Testimonials

  • I don't know if you remember me but I went through rapid detox 2 yrs ago. I am still clean and sober. I work a very strict recovery program and have worked the 12 steps. I am very happy to be clean and sober and I am very thankful for the opportunity that your program gave me.
    Dan - St. Louis, MS
  • My daughter, Angela, went through your rapid detox program. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I really appreciated all the help we received from you before we set up the appointment, and from Kelley and all of the nursing staff at the hospital. Angela received excellent and compassionate care there.  I would also like to let you know, that I personally appreciated the nursing staff, who gave me a lot of support.  I know they were extremely busy but they were very considerate of me as well as Angela.  It is a very emotional program for the family member/caregiver, and all the nursing staff were very friendly and helpful.
    Mary - Madison, WI
  • Thank you...You helped me enormously to make the procedure feasible...Thank you. I have attended a meeting every day...My sponsor...began working with me (she is 14 years clean). It's one day at a time...and a serious commitment to action and progress in AA / NA that g-d willing will keep me clean. Your procedure for detox gave me the start I needed for recovery. Thank you...
    Karen - Miami, FL
  • My name is Anthony and I brought (my son) Jonathan there with a Methadone problem. He had been a body builder and started with opiates that way. Just dropping a line to tell you that all is well. The procedure worked and he has kept his part. Has had no opiates of any kind and continues to improve. He has lost weight and acts like he used to...Thanks to all...
    Jonathan - Annapolis, MI
  • I am a 27 year old male (on opiates since 15) who had been forced into about three medically supervised opiate detox programs all using naltrexone while I was conscious. I relapsed the day I walked out of each program. Then one day, I decided I was ready to get clean. Knowing how horrible most programs were I decided to do some research on my own. That’s when I discovered the MRODS’s method of Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Opiate Detoxification (AAROD). Not only was this the easiest method out of the four detox programs (and also one of the cheapest) but it was the only one which treated me like a normal human and not a worthless piece of trash. I actually flew in on a Tuesday and checked into the hospital where I met Greg, a great guy who helped me all the way threw and after, and a doctor who checked me in, took a blood sample, and gave me and opiate to keep me from going into withdrawal. That night I met with the anesthesiologist who took the time to tell me exactly what I was to expect the following day. I came to after the procedure feeling not so bad and I actually got 5 hours of sleep that night (after the detox). The next morning I was discharged and on my way. This is the method I recommend to all my friends trying to kick. And I always stress the naltrexone pellet option. I guess knowing how easy it is to relapse, I kind of think of it as a cheap insurance policy on your investment with MRODS and your self’s effort to keep clean. The implant really helped me and I know if I hadn’t chosen the pellet, I would have relapsed within days. For me, having 8 months clean really helped me get my act together. Today, I am so thankful for finding this humane method of detox. I do not think this is a quick fix for my problem with opiate addiction and realize I will have the rest of my life to battle this addiction. But, it is MRODS, and the pellet, I have to thank for so much help and success so that to this day I am still clean. Anyway, this is my story and I hope If you absorbed anything from it it’s GO TO MRODS AND GET A COUPLE OF IMPLANTS IT IS THE EASIEST AND MOST SUCCESSFUL METHOD I HAVE FOUND, AND TRUST ME I’VE TRIED MANY OTHER WAYS, Thanks...
    Sam - Cleveland, OH
  • Thanks for everything your team did for me and my family...I have had no cravings for the drug what so ever ...I have noticed improvement every day. All the pain I felt prior to the procedure is gone ...I have returned to work (part time) as of today. I am slowly redefining the person I thought had completely died inside me. I am attending AA and that helps. My wife is very excited as she can see the improvements in the person I am rebecoming much quicker than I can. Thank you again for all that you and the rest of the staff did for me and my family.
    Dan - New York, NY