What is Suboxone or Buprenex? Buprenex or Suboxone (buprenorphine hydrochloride) is an opiate currently being marketed in the United States for the treatment of opiate addiction.  Similar to opiates such as Methadone, Buprenex and Suboxone are designed as a replacement for injected and snorted opiates such as heroin.  Buprenorphine, a derivative of thebaine, provides pain relief and also produces a narcotic high.  In fact, Buprenorphine was originally used for pain relief purposes over twenty years ago but was quickly banned because of its addictive qualities and illegal sales. Subutex is a brand name for buprenorphine in its pure form. Suboxone combines buprenorphine with naloxone, an opiate antagonist, in order to prevent overdoses and produce less of a high. In theory this makes Buprenex or Suboxone easier to eventually stop using, but its highly addictive qualities sometimes prevent that from happening.

Buprenex does not prevent detox withdrawal symptoms.  Patients typically undergo three phases of treatment with Suboxone or Buprenex.  They initially stop using opiates for a set period of time.  Then they are given varied amounts of Buprenex, Subutex or Suboxone until they are considered “stabilized.”  In the withdrawal phase the patient attempts to taper off of Suboxone or Burprenex, allowing for reduced withdrawal symptoms.  Tapering off of Buprenex or Suboxone usually takes about 10 days. Because of its addictive quality and euphoric producing affect, it may be more difficult to taper off of pure buprenorphine or Subutex.

Patients have varying success with buprenorphine detox and treatment.  Some return to using their drug of choice after finishing the treatment and turn to non-tapering treatments, such as anesthesia assisted rapid opiate detox (AAROD), to rid their body of opiates.  Many times patients repeatedly try to taper off opiates such as heroin using a different opiate such as Buprenex or Methadone.  Unfortunately, patients must face detoxification and withdrawal from these drugs as well. 

Many patients have had success with rapid opiate detoxification followed by therapeutic treatment for their addiction.  The rapid detox process allows patients to manage their detoxification and withdrawal from opiates within a 24-48 hour period.  Methods such as Buprenex or Suboxone maintenance can last indefinitely. Please contact us for more information on detoxification from opiates such as Buprenex and Suboxone.