Oxycontin PillsAddiction to Oxycontin has become a highly publicized epidemic over since its introduction in 1995. OxyContin is a prescription painkiller, developed by Purdue Pharma. Its active ingredient, Oxycodone, has a long history of abuse. OxyContin was developed as a time released medication for severe pain associated with cancer and very severe injuries. OxyContin contains a very high dosage of Oxycodone, designed to be released over a twelve hour period. The strength of this prescription painkiller has rapidly led to abuse and addiction. When chewed, snorted, or injected the time-release mechanism is bi-passed, and OxyContin produces a euphoric high similar to opiates such Heroin or Opium. Nicknamed Oxy and Hillbilly Heroin, OxyContin is sold on the street and can easily be obtained illegally through the internet.

Opiates are highly addictive. Increased tolerance to opiates such as Oxycontin will lead to higher and higher dosages. Withdrawal from these prescription painkillers is very severe. OxyContin withdrawal is so severe that many people cannot begin to be treated for their addiction because of the pain involved with OxyContin detoxification. There is help available for OxyContin addiction. Withdrawal symptoms during detox must be managed in a safe, medical environment. After detoxification is completed, patients can begin to treat their underlying addiction.

Many OxyContin addicts undergo a Rapid Opiate Detox procedure to detox from opiates. This procedure greatly reduces the long, painful withdrawal associated with OxyContin detox. Because the patient is placed under anesthesia, patients are able to avoid most painful withdrawal symptoms and detox from opiates in about 4-6 hours. Once detoxed, patients can begin their OxyContin addiction treatment. Please contact MRODS for more information on OxyContin Addiction Treatment.