Our Core Values

  • We believe in providing the utmost confidentiality and privacy for those seeking help through our services.
  • We recognize opiate dependency as a physical, emotional and spiritual disease rather than a moral issue.
  • We recognize that individuals may become opiate dependent through legitimate quests for medical care such as treatment for pain.
  • We believe in a multi -disciplinary treatment team approach which takes into account the whole person as well as family and loved ones.
  • Patients should be subjected to minimum discomfort and pain in their goal to overcome opiate or other drug dependencies.
  • We use only the highest treatment standards and the most qualified professionals in our delivery of services.
  • We believe that treatment should be the most cost effective with the highest outcome for success.
  • We recognize the absolute necessity of continuing care beyond detoxification, and guarantee that M-RODS will take an active role in the process.