Addiction Intervention at MRODS

intervention services provided for individuals addicted to drugs or alcoholSometimes an individual is unable to get out of a pattern of negative behavior without some outside help. Friend and family members often go to great lengths to help a loved one that is addicted to substances, and he or she will react with anger and defensiveness. The situation only seems to get worse. This is not uncommon in families affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

At MRODS, we feel that every individual has a chance to recover, even at the latest stages of addiction. With the right preparation, an intervention can motivate a person to get the help he or she so desperately needs. A clinician trained in intervention services can make a significant difference in the impact of the intervention.

Interventionists offer their experience in managing the strong emotions that surface when an individual is confronted about his or her substance abuse. At MRODS, we will work with your family in advance to create a safe environment for everyone involved. Family members and friends have a chance to speak with a clinician about their experience of this individual’s destructive behaviors. When the intervention takes place, those that participate are prepared to deliver the most important, meaningful message.

As an objective third party, an interventionist prevents an addict from playing the blame game. He or she also helps to mediate.

Please contact MRODS to learn how an intervention could help your loved one. We will be happy to answer questions, discuss your situation and give you our recommendation.