Opiate Dependency

Opiate addiction and / or depedendency, an ever increasing worldwide health problem impacts all of our lives with enormous economic, personal and public health consequences transcending gender, socio-economic status, race, and age. Whether it is heroin, methadone, pain pills or other opiate-based drugs and medications the illness and its symptoms are very similar.

Opiate production has doubled in the last decade, flooding world markets at remarkably low and competitive prices. The more accessible the drug, the higher the cost to society: disability, unemployment, welfare, public assistance, the courts and prison system, and countless other indirect losses. The bill comes to billions of dollars in health-related costs.

Dependency to legally prescribed narcotic/opiate based pain relievers is at an all time high. The incidence of dependency to these type of medications is staggering. Moreover, opiate addiction destroys a person's sense of self. It causes decay, both mentally and physically, bringing on depression, anger and despair. Addiction devastates home life, terminates careers, and threatens health, safety and neighborhoods. Addiction is about denial, isolation, neglected families, abandoned friendships, betrayal, fear and broken promises.