CondeineCODEINE -- Codeine is an opiate agonist - sedative and analgesic narcotic substance found in opium in concentrations between 0.1% and 2%. Codeine was first isolated from opium by the French chemist Pierre-Jean Robiquet in 1832. Because of the small concentration found in nature, most codeine found in medical products is synthesised from morphine. Codeine can be found in many pharmaceutical products all around the world, it's found in many forms including tablets, capsules, syrups, etc. The sulphate and phosphate salts are used most frequently in medicine. Codeine in most countries is a scheduled (controlled) substance not available as a sole product. Codeine is usually given orally as an ingredient in syrups to relieve non-productive cough. It is also combined with non-narcotic analgesics (eg paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen, and others) and is used orally to relieve pain. Generic injection is also available. Some products are available over the counter, but they usually contain limited amounts of codeine (eg 10mg). Products containing higher quantities of codeine require a prescription. The usual amount of codeine in over the counter tablets is too small to enjoy the effects and make it possible to overdose other substances (eg paracetamol, aspirin, etc.) contained in these tablets as well.