Advantage of Rapid Detox

Outpatient detox services such as Suboxone, buprenorphine and others are slowly being integrated into the treatment of opiate addiction. What are the differences between outpatient detoxification services and rapid opiate detox programs? And what are the advantages of a fast acting procedure such as rapid detox?

Only time will show the benefits and drawbacks to outpatient detoxification services such as Buprenex and Suboxone. Can individuals successfully taper off these opiates?

At Midwest Rapid Detox, we work with patients who have been unable to taper off these drugs. By fully detoxifying the body in a very short amount of time, patients are able to enter treatment for their addiction opiate free. With the additional treatment, patients are able to engage in the recovery process. Many patients are able to recover from this often deadly addiction.

We often treat long term methadone patients who simply do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. There might be abuse of the opiate or a rising and falling of the amount needed to maintain health. Rapid detoxification from opiates (Vicodin, Percocent, methadone, heroin, OxyContin and others) in conjunction with residential treatment can be highly effective for opiate addicts.